The Most Embarrassing Mistakes Guys Make During a Break Up

October 5, 2011

I’ve been dumped before, so I know what it feels like. You’ve read all of the advice out there, but your gut feeling tells you to disregard it or that your present situation is so different the rules don’t apply. And in the end you make the same mistakes you know you shouldn’t make.

Here are a few bits of relationship advice about the most common break up mistakes:

First, they get overwhelmed by emotions of rejection – Have you ever called your ex 10 times in the same day, just to hear her voice again, see why she left (again), or to get closure? I have, and this isn’t good for you.

Regardless of whether you hope to reconcile with her or not, this isn’t a good move. It pushes her further away from you by making you seem desperate. Plus, it just reopens the wounds of split up over and over again making you relive the discomfort and negativity between the two of you.

Next, dating other ladies to straight away – Let’s be honest here. You’re hurt. You want time to recover. If you simply hop directly into the dating game after a break up, you’re not coping with your feelings from the split in a good way. You are basically stuffing them down and hoping they will leave, or you are burying them in a fresh relationship (which can cause problems between you and your new squeeze too).

If you’re attempting to work things out with your ex girlfriend, do not think that dating someone new will make her envious and want to come back to you. It will typically just make her think that you are moving on with your life and she should too.

Lastly, seeing the break up as a negative thing – I know splits hurt. They really could be a major setback in life. But every ending can also be a new start. Find the positive side to your break, regardless of what occurs between you and your old girlfriend.

Agree with it or not, this can be a great opportunity to turn your life in a positive direction. You are essentially free to do anything and be anything you would like without having to fret about how it has effects on your ex girlfriend’s life. The question , then becomes, what would you decide to create with your life?

I know that break ups could be a real challenge. Try to avoid these mistakes and take things in a positive direction.

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