The Famed Blue Koi

September 18, 2011

Koi have indeed turned out to be a classic favorite of those that love a nicely rounded pond. Their varieties have amazed lots of fish enthusiasts over the years. One of these varieties that enhances the pond’s gem collection is the amazing Asagi koi fish.

Asagi Koi

Thorough breeders would certainly debate that among the best kinds is the Asagi koi. A magnificent blue color on its entire back and also on the belly is spectacular. The blue color may also cover up their fins and gill covers. The bluish color of the lateral line of the koi is compensated by red markings on the undersides. This type of koi is completely reticulated, which means, the scales resembles a net. Each scale are also surrounded by white edges, and so the net-like appearance could be viewed clearly.


The prominent color of the koi fish is blue which usually runs over the lateral line. The scales should have red coloration on the bottom of its body up to lateral line. This red color could also be visible on all fins, the gill covers, and mouth. A variance of dark blue or perhaps nearly blue-gray is determined by the bloodline of the koi fish. Some of these bloodline have taken a lighter color of blue and koi fish breeders like it due to its colour pattern.


The red colors of the asagi should present a balanced highlight to the total package of the koi fish. The blue scales, which are lighter on the sides composed the reticulation effect. A netting pattern can also be seen in case the scales are aligned in a straight row.

The perfect netting configuration pattern of the fish is truly gorgeous. The greater the reticulation of the Asagi koi, the more attractive it is to enthusiast. A slight imperfection of the pattern would have a lower value, so the koi fish enthusiast will at times not prefer them.

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