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Maclaren strollers are the biggest name in strollers today, largely because of their excellent and varied range of stylish and functional lightweight strollers.. A Maclaren stroller can be described as light, simple to use, and one of the best designed for any active family. The Maclaren name is synonymous with excellent quality and reliability. A name you can trust and a brand you can be proud to own . Be smart, buy a Maclaren Stroller today.

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Ratings and Reviews of the Lightweight Maclaren Stroller Range.

Below you will find a quick summary of the consumer feedback with a link to an extensive selection of reviews, ratings, recommendations and comparisons. Click on the model name to find more information, including images and features of that particular Maclaren Stroller.

The Maclaren Volo Stroller

  • Pros: very light, very manoeuvrable, fits through tight spots, can pack up and set up with one hand, foot muff – good for winter baby, big hood, lies completely flat
  • Cons: basket too small and non-accessible when pram laying down flat, need two hands to recline, can’t face baby, other people always have a lot of trouble getting the buckle done up and undone! Tips over if it doesn’t have a baby in it to balance the nappy bag.
  • Overall: I bought this pram for the convenience of the size and weight so all the inconveniences are expected. It’s my run around to the shops stroller!

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The Maclaren Quest Sport Stroller

  • Pros: lightweight, hardy, perfect for shopping trips and when travelling, rain cover, basket under stroller
  • Cons: the brakes stopped working after a while
  • Overall: I was using a Bugaboo but found it very bulky and inconvenient for shopping trips and when travelling. This stroller is perfect for all occasions. Lightweight and portable. Very hardy despite being thrown around. Have survived 2 kids (6 years) and still in good condition. Great for use when flying, roll it up to the gate, folds in one click and arrives at our destination in one piece. No worries about it like I did with the bugaboo. Fabric is tough. Spills can be wiped off easily and if needed can be removed and machined washed. Highly recommend it to everyone. Good value for money. Don’t waste your money on the expensive ones, which are normally bulky and takes up so much boot space.

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The Maclaren Triumph Stroller

  • Pros: Lightweight, easy to steer with one hand while holding walking toddlers hand. Good storm cover, folds up easily and small. Easy to access basket.
  • Cons: No sunshade, can’t recline it very far, have to remember to take bags off when child gets off otherwise it will tip over
  • Overall: We got this for trips on the bus/train and for the odd long day out with our toddler when he’d be walking most of the time. It has been great, more than happy with how it handles, I put our toddler in lots of prams in the shop and the ease of use of this brand was so much better than the cheaper ones trialled.

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The Maclaren Techno Stroller

  • Pros: It is so light weight, can be folded and unfolded with 1 hand whilst holding bubba. Very versatile, I used it from newborn as the seat goes all the way down flat! The accessories are good. It is very easy to manouevre. Goes everywhere except sand.
  • Cons: Shopping storage is slightly small and can’t be accessed when seat is fully reclined. Can’t walk on the beach. no sun shade available.
  • Overall: I would highly recommend this stroller, it has been excellent from day 1 and i feel very smug when folding and unfolding.

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The Maclaren Twin Stroller

  • Pros: Fantastic manoevrability on all wheels and despite it being a double, turns & swivels incredibly easily. Very easy to fold down. Large sun shades. Easily washable. the independent reclining seats are a really great feature.
  • Cons: No extendable leg rest so smaller babies once sitting up have nowhere to put their legs.
  • Overall: Overall a fantastic pram for convenience, quality, manoevrability, style etc. Just wish it had an extendable leg rest for younger babies, and the raincover is not included when I bought mine.

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The Maclaren Grand Tour Stroller Range

  • Pros: Where do I begin? Very good quality product. It’s very light weight yet very sturdy. It has lots of room for the child to grow. You can add and remove bits as needed e.g. the hood, handle bar. Easy to operate once you work out how it works. The soft carry cot that comes with it for when baby is new born is excellent quality! All designed to fit in easily. The boot cover would be great for cold weather as the child grows to toddler. certainly it would be snug as a bug in a rug. it’s easy to turn the seat facing toward you or away from you. This product will certainly go from birth until the child no longer needs to be wheeled around. It is such good quality that it will be very useable for any babies that come after. Everything is handy and in easy reach. Shopping basket below is roomy, mosquito net and rain cover are stored in pockets on the back of the seat. I am really happy with this stroller and I think well worth the money spent ($1299).
  • Cons: Self assembley. Instructions to put it together are not idiot proof. It took me a while to work out how to put it all together. I felt like I needed an engineering degree. Having said that, Once I did work it out, It all became very easy to operate and I felt like a complete numpty for not being able to work it out earlier.
  • Overall: I really can’t fault this product. It has everything you need for your baby’s strolling needs. It really is very good quality. You need to see it to fully appreciate it. It is an expensive item but, this stroller would last through several children. If you are going to spend big on one item, choose this. I chose the Grand Tour as opposed to the Grand Tour LX. I found the extras on the LX model to be unecessary for my needs.

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