Lightweight Double Stroller

Lightweight Double Stroller

My God honest truth review of the double strollerMaclaren lightweight double stroller

I’m gonna start with the straight out facts because I have learned from experience the hardway! If you have two young children and need a double stroller (also called a twin stroller) then you generally need to stay away from the big and bulky luxury prams. I first tried a side by side ‘luxury barge’ and although it had all the ‘mod cons’ I was not able to walk down the aisle of my local supermarket, and even the bigger supermarkets were a problem at checkout. It was just a nightmare generally.

So I bought a limousine style stroller, where the children sit in front of each other and although I had solved the problem of width space, I was now unable to steer my pram/stroller without first going to the gym for 6 months! With both children strapped in it became almost impossible.

Now my argument to even getting a big luxury pram was for the childrens comfort and the thought that since most strollers don’t accommodate babies, I would have issues when I needed to take them out. But then I had the reality check! The first few months are so hectic there was never many times when I needed to use the pram, and even when we did go for walks as a family, my preference was to carry my tiny newborn anyway. Once my baby was 3 months old she could sit in the stroller without a problem.

So the pram sat unused most of the time and was sold and replaced with a lightweight double stroller which is in a league of it’s own in terms of convenience and reliability

The two lessons I want you to get from my experiences are:

kolcraft-tandem not so lightweight stroller

Think about your needs before buying a big and bulky luxury twin stroller

Twin stroller Customer Reviews

Still not convinced that a lightweight double stroller is going to suffice? Look at what one parent had to say about the Kolcraft Tandem (see image left) which is a fantastic top of the range double stroller with all the trimmings to get an idea of the pro’s and con’s of owning such an extravagant stroller.

-It fits two children VERY comfortably. My kids are 18 months apart and this stroller was great using the child seat carrier and pushing the 18 month old around.
-It has a TON of storage space underneath in the basket and the cup holders/parent storage is adequate
-The option to turn the seats into whatever direction you choose is great option, the kids like looking at each other or at me
-The seats recline very far, once my littlest one was a few months old I could recline him into one of the seats in a “bassinet” fashion
-The infant carrier attachment is great, not having to take a sleeping baby out of his car seat is a bonus

-It is HUGE and heavy(but all double strollers are, this is the price you pay for your children being comfortable)
-You need to take at least one of the seats off to put it away which can be inconvienant when you have a screaming toddler and screaming infant in their car seats waiting to go

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Where can I buy a lightweight Double Stroller?

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