Laying The Groundwork For Kitchen Remodeling Langhorne

May 13, 2011

When laying the groundwork for kitchen remodeling Langhorne, establishing goals and budgets is the first priority. Determine if the primary goal is extra storage, extra seating, or perhaps a more efficient work space.

Kitchen planners could prove a valuable resource. They have specialized knowledge in things such as maximizing storage, and substitutions for higher priced items while still achieving the desired outcome. They also can assist with appliance selection and recommendations.

Once the budget and goals are identified, specific information should be compiled. Ideally a very detailed set of plans and specifications can be prepared before the bid process. If plans and specifications will unavailable, it is important to provide a very specific list of each item including countertop and flooring materials, appliances, lighting, and cabinetry and cabinet hardware. Understanding and approving all plans before work starts is crucial to a successful remodel. Bids will be more properly evaluated by ensuring the contractors are all bidding on the same items. Taking time to thoroughly think through the remodeling plan in order to make minimal changes as the work proceeds will save time and money.

When the planning stage is completed, it’s time to start shopping for a qualified contractor. Kitchen planners are good resources for contractor referrals, as are friends, neighbors, relatives and co-workers who have had recent remodeling projects. Once the list of potential contractors is prepared, check to see if the contractors are insured and if they have any consumer complaints on file. Narrow the list from the information compiled, and speak with the top contractors. Get information on their most recent remodeling jobs, and speak with those homeowners for more information on the contractor’s work habits. If the opportunity is available, visit a job in progress. Feeling comfortable with the contractor is also an important part of the selection process.

Never pay for the entire job up front. It is customary to pay for just the start up costs, and then agree to a payment plan with the contractor based on the progress of the work being performed.

The best contractors are usually the busiest, so be prepared to wait. Also, be prepared for the disruption involved with construction going on at your home. Consider alternate plans, like having an accessible refrigerator, and must-have items, such as coffee makers, available at alternate locations in your home.

For the project to have a happy ending, the best results will come from taking the time at the beginning in planning for a kitchen remodeling Langhorne.

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