Importance of reading to your little one

July 3, 2011

Reading to your toddler is truly one of the most enjoyable activities you can do along with your little one. It’s fun, good bonding time as well as hugely advantageous to your little one. It also has a calming effect on the child.

Reading to your little one exposes your child to lots of new words. This will increase his vocabulary – getting him read for preschool and big school.

Reading can also help you to establish a routine with your child. For example – reading a book before bed time or reading a book or two before morning tea.

Reading also has a huge effect on your child’s imagination – a positive effect. When you are reading to your child, the little one imagines himself as being a part of the story.

Reading to your child helps develop his listening skills. It will increase his attention span. You may not find a change after just reading one book. It takes time.

And here is the best result – reading to your child will turn him into a good reader.

Select good books to read to your toddler. Do some research and pick books written by good childrens authors.

Make reading a enjoyable activity. Don’t force your little one. When reading to your toddler, read for enjoyment – don’t read with the goal of getting him ready to read by himself. Some parents place their finger under each word while they read – I am not sure if this is a good option at a such young age. It may honestly drain the enjoyment from the activity and your toddler will lose interest. Just read – Let your child enjoy the book and go wild with the story. Reading by himself, he or she will achieve in time.

How about sometimes you stop reading half way through. Ask him to tell you what he thinks happens next. Allow him to explain in his own words what happens next.

Read the story and then give a couple of events in the story and ask your child to rank them in the sequence they occured in the story.

Keep reading a fun activity. It is something your child should get excited about – So you design how it should be done and how it can be done based on your child. Keep it easy and retain the fun.

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