I Wish That I Could Send My Son His Wooden Play Kitchen Again

October 7, 2011

My son is incredibly into to food since the day he was born and I can remember him loving to look at cooking shows about ages 2 and 3 years. Those were the days I could send him to the wooden play kitchen for children that we acquired just for him to pretend to cook.

I imagine in getting him such a play kitchen at such a tender age I invited him into the genuine kitchen now that he's older. I should watch him now at age 9 as he is always in the kitchen mixing up a recipe as he would say to me.

Special recipe for scrambled eggs was one I remember lately. Eggs, milk, cheese, salt, pepper, butter and garlic which I discovered are very good scrambled eggs! I have marvelled if all this cooking and recipe making has come natural to my boy or was the desire encouraged so much from the toy kitchen area I set up for him when he was younger.

I would guess it was both his natural instinct and the encouraging play area to express his self that still gives him a wish to want to cook. I'm not against this idea at all and looking forward to a point when I don't will need to cook meals when he will be a teen! A teen that not only can run a microwave however can cook a 4 course meal is what I am imagining.

We never know how encouraging play activities for children will continue into their lives however I think as we see certain traits of our youngsters we should encourage those qualities because we never know where they may lead our kids. Maybe I will not have to cook soon and perhaps he becomes a chef when he grows up.

Brandy Wilson has worked as a teacher’s assistant in a day-care during the past, where they used Kidkraft Kitchen to raise kids creativity and imagination. This has allowed her unique comprehension of children’s play habits, including with play kitchens for childrens.

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