Gay Tour Ideas For Asia

July 15, 2011

Asia is a breathtakingly gorgeous country so, as you can imagine, gay travel to Asia are chock full of fun and excitement. You can enjoy a wealth of new experiences and cultures, all while standing strong in your solidarity. There are so many things to do in Asia and so many places to see. Gay or straight, it truly represents the feelings of a lifetime. So keep reading to check out the top destinations for the LBGT community!

A trip to Asia is not complete without checkout out Japan, of course. There are a wealth of places to see there, and Mt. Fuji should come at the top of the list. Hop onto the infamous Bullet Train and enjoy not just the mountain, but also the gorgeous landscape surrounding Lake Ashi, not to mention all the sloping volcanoes. You can even go on a sightseeing cruise, which will make sure you do not miss a single thing!

Tours are actually a big thing in Tokyo. There is a great tour, known as the Panoramic Tokyo Day Tour, which features such must see sights as the Asakusa Temple and the Meiji Shrine, not to mention the Tokyo Bay. You can also take in Nikko National Park in Tokyo, which features beautiful landscapes and scenes. It is filled with lakes, mountains, wildlife, shrines, and utterly beautiful vistas.

Of course, Japan is only one part of Asia and while you could make an entire vacation just out of Japan, however there are some sights here that you do want to hit. For example, the Nijo Castle and the Kinkakuji Temple are just two of the many different sights that you are going to want to take a tour of, as they are absolutely breathtaking.

Singapore is another destination that is in Asia and it is absolutely one place that you should go to whenever you are looking for something different. One of the favorite sights to see in Singapore is the Zoo Night Safari Tour, which will actually allow you to see all of the Himalayas during the hours of the night. This is actually the best way to see them as you can capture animals like the owls.

Once Singapore is all taken care of, Hong Kong should be the next stop. This is one place that you want to make sure that you take a tour on, as there are a lot of sights to see and if you are on a time constraint, you might not be able to pull yourself away! The Harbor Night Cruise for example is certainly a great cruise to take whenever you are in Hong Kong. You also want to make sure that you hit the Giant Buddha Day Trip as well as the revolving restaurant.

Visit Thailand and get to know Bangkok. Take in China and learn all that you can about Shanghai. There are literally thousands of places to go!

Taking gay vacations to Asia is a great idea and will certainly open up a lot of different opportunities for you and your partner. The food, the wealth and the overall culture is completely different.

Howie Holben gay travel to Asia opinion. He is the caretaker of Spirit Journeys, a gay travel outfit. Spirit Journeys makes available spiritual gay tours all over the world.

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