Check Your Fat Level With a Body Fat Percentage Calculator

May 24, 2011

What is a body fat percentage calculator? To answer this we have to first look at the definition of body fat and other related terms.

What Is Body Fat Percentage?

|Body fat percentage is basically the amount of fat that is in your body. Keep in mind that not all the fat in your body is bad. Our bodies actually need some of the fat to provide us with energy, the insulation of our organs, regulate our body temperature and store energy. Now for men, the essential body fat should be 3% to 5% which is enough to maintain life and smoothly run the body while for women, essential body fat is just a bit more, 8% to 12%.

With too much body fat you run the risk of getting health problems such as diabetes, heart attack, high cholesterol and even cancer. Now a weight scale cannot tell you the amount of body fat that you have in your body. People often hop on these weight scales and see that they are overweight when in fact their body fat is at an acceptable level. With this misconception they go on these diets to lose weight not knowing that they are losing muscle density as opposed to body fat.

In other cases, people go on the weight scale and see that their weight is at an acceptable level when in fact it is not. This is where a body fat percentage calculator comes in.|

With a body fat percentage calculator certain data and information about your body is taken into account and the amount of body fat that you have is calculated. Remember that weight scales information is usually flawed when it comes to body fat. Height, weight, waist size, age and gender are just some of the information that a body fat calculator takes into account when calculating body fat.

These are the body fat data that you need to know

For Athletes: 14% to 20% (women) and 6% to 13% (men) For Fitness: 21% to 24% (women) and 14% to 17% (men) Average: 25% to 31% (women) and 18% to 24% (men) Obese: 32%+ (women) and 24%+ (men)

Through these body fat percentage information, you can check exactly where you are and see whether you need to lose body fat or not. However, if you are going to follow a strict diet and fitness regimen, consult your doctor first.|

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