California Department of Motor Vehicles- Get the License Plate Information You Need

July 5, 2011

It’s the law that every car must have a valid license plate number for a number of good reasons. Having a valid license plate number allows the police to obtain information about a car and its owner. With a valid license plate number, the police can search for a stolen car, or get information from the California Department of Motor vehicles on the owner a car that has been used to perpetuate a crime.

The police have easy access to this information. The rest of us are not so lucky, as anyone who has dealt with the California Department of Motor Vehicles knows.

Fortunately, there’s still a way that you can look up information from a license plate. The California Department of Motor Vehicles is not the only organization that keeps records of this sort. Private companies can also maintain databases that contain information related to license plate numbers. Some of them can even access information about driving records, registration information, and vehicle identification numbers.

If you’re looking for information, and all you have to go on is a license plate number, contacting one of these private databases is far more effective than calling the DMV or even the police, since these organizations are not at liberty to divulge that information.

The California Department of Motor vehicles cannot give out this information, but private companies can. The information contained in these databases was obtained legally, and there is no law preventing the companies from releasing this information. So, don’t worry- your search is permitted by the law.

Since these companies obtain their information legally, they may be able to divulge it to a third party. So, someone like you who has a license plate number, but not much more information, may be able to get the information you need from one of these companies. We all know how notoriously inefficient and unhelpful the DMV can be, so you are better off using a private database, which is legal, easier, and more efficient.

It is standard operating procedure for these companies to charge a small fee to do a search, but most people are glad to finally have a way to obtain the information they have been looking for. If you need information on someone who has a California license plate number, using a private database is your best chance at success. From San Diego to the Mojave Desert to San Francisco, if you have a license plate number, you can get access to the information you need.

To help you locate the owner of a vehicle registered in California, Public Records expert Dylan Finkerton has written a quick guide to finding the owner of a license plate in California. Conducting a reverse license plate search in California will help you contact the driver.

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